Business group endorses in Third Circuit

WESTPAC, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry’s political action committee for the southwest region, announced today the co-endorsement of Kent Savoie and Jamie Yelverton, two candidates running for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Louisiana. 

“The WESTPAC board is pleased to inform Louisiana voters that both Kent Savoie and Jamie Yelverton share the values and philosophy of our organization, said Charles Trent, WESTPAC Chair. “During their interviews, both candidates expressed their willingness to only interpret the law. A fair and impartial judicial mind is what the business community needs on the Third Circuit.”

The Third Circuit is the largest of the five appellate courts with a population over one million. Its territory consists of 21 parishes in southwest and central Louisiana. 

“We know either candidate will bring some stability to the Third Circuit,” added Brian Landry, Executive Director of WESTPAC. “Activist judges are harmful to the business community, the legal community and the entire justice system. Electing truly impartial judges will help bring about justice for all Louisiana citizens.”