Letter from the Chairman


Dear Business Community,

WESTPAC was established to help business people understand the records of officeholders and candidates for elective office on the issues they care about. Each year WESTPAC works hard to support legislators who understand the issues that impact the business community in our region.

The pro-business battle for the hearts and minds of elected officials, candidates and voters is never ending. To maintain focus and be an effective PAC, we constantly work to raise significant dollars to support pro-business candidates and incumbents. Our vigorous interview process ensures that the best candidates are recruited and endorsed for public office.

We know business owners are busy running their businesses. Most owners don’t have time to do the proper research on multiple candidates and multiple races. That’s why I believe WESTPAC is so important to my business and yours. We effectively pool our resources to support pro-business candidates who think like we do.

It is difficult to find good business candidates to run for political office, most are busy trying to run a successful business much less a successful campaign. So when WESTPAC finds a great candidate that wants to run, we work hard to get them the proper resources to run an outstanding campaign. This is a vital component, especially when anti-business interests like the unions and trial lawyers are out there financially supporting their candidates. It is a war out there on the campaign trail and we must arm our soldiers with the right ammunition. That ammunition is money! That’s where you can help.

Please join the business community by donating to WESTPAC today. Don’t you think it is time we elect people who think like us? I do!


Charles Trent