West PAC is a political action committee for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), the largest and most effective advocacy organization in the state.

Since its formation in 1989, West PAC has made it a priority to help elect state and local candidates who truly understand the need to support job growth policies and economic development — and defeat those who do not. Acting alone is extremely difficult for an individual business to make a political impact. Investing in West PAC gives our members a collective voice to pack a powerful political punch at the ballot box for the state legislature, Public Service Commission, BESE, the Supreme Court and statewide elections.

How West PAC Works

West PAC was developed so that businesses could collectively impact political campaigns. Our members, comprised of business leaders, community leaders and taxpayers focused on electing supportive politicians who create job-growth policies, decide to whom West PAC funds will be distributed. West PAC also refers to LABI’s annual legislative voting record and Scorecard as a strategic tool to hold legislators accountable for their positions on key issues that affect Louisiana’s business climate.

Why Support West PAC?

We support elected officials who fight to protect your business from the increasing number of politicians who support higher taxes, detrimental lawsuits and other anti-business legislation – not to mention attacks from trial lawyers and unions. West PAC provides a unique opportunity for the business community to work together to elect and support a pro-business legislature and achieve significant reforms to move Louisiana forward.

What are the Benefits of a West PAC Membership?

Your contribution not only provides support to our business champions and business-friendly candidates, but joining West PAC also gives you exclusive access to a wide range of tools and opportunities to participate in the electoral process. As a West PAC member, you will receive our e-newsletter, Politiceaux, to learn what West PAC is doing on your behalf. Every issue contains in-depth information about the candidates West PAC supports and why, insights into political races across the state, issues of concern to the business community, and a calendar of events, including upcoming elections, fundraisers and West PAC events.